Saturday, April 26, 2008


Quadronos is a planet with large tectonic plates that causes earthquakes every day, and fissures to appear. Because all of these Earthquakes are daily and how many creatures fell into the fissures, The creatures made their cities in the sky, Every road, building, etc are hovering because of hover engines attached to the bottom of the structure, Now all kinds of creatures live here, Quadronos has a huge industry for ships because the creatures really know how to make engines, they usually send ship parts to other planets. There is only one city in the sky, and this is huge, above the clouds and with everything a city on the ground would have, if you were standing on the middle of it, you couldn't tell you were floating.


Creterious is just a very large meteor that isn't inhabited by anything, there is a rest station, a hotel, a restaurant. It is mainly used as a rest stop for inter-galactic travel. The only "inhabitants" are the people who work at the rest stop, they live at Quadronos, the nearest planet. This is what people think. What is really happening is that Creterious happens to be the base of the APT, they hollowed out the inside of the meteor to have room for their base.


Nothing lives on Poranieous, mainly due to the fact that there is no air in the atmosphere, the planet had air once, but then, evil warlords sucked all the air out and destroyed everything that could do photosynthesis, the inhabitants escaped just in time. When the evil warlords saw that the planet was now deserted, they planned to go back to conquer the planet but their air sucking machine malfuntioned and the warlords could not put the air back. The warlords abandoned the conquest. Now forgotten, no one ventures here without an oxygen tank. There are occaisional explorers though. Because the warlords destroyed everything that could do photosynthesis, there are no trees or plants.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Sull is a planet completly covered in water, there is not a single piece of land on the entire planet. Undersea creatures inhabit Sull so there are all kinds of fish. There is a large undersea cave on Sull, in it dwells Auricom , the ruler of Sull, Auricom can swim around at incredible speeds and fly above water. The undersea creatures have created undersea cities to live in. It is said that Sull once had pieces of land but once, it rained a lot, way more than average. The rain water caused the water level to rise and completly flooded the tiny islands. underwater, you can still see tall undersea mountains, these were once the tiny islands.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Monstraf is a planet that is 7/8 covered in lava, the remaining 1/8 is hard rock that juts out of the lava. Fire creatures inhabit Monstraf and they need to withstand extreme heat, some of them are even fireproof. The fire creatures live in cities on the rocks. There is a Great Fire Sea that covers almost half of Monstraf, Fireproof fish creatures live in the Fire Sea. It is said that Monstraf was once inhabited by other creatures as well and wasn't all full of lava, but a beautiful green planet, it is said that the volcano erupted and covered almost all the land, killing all the creatures execpt the ones that were fire resistant. In the volcano, now lives a dragon named Taraki, right now, it is sleeping, but legend has it that if Taraki wakes, it will destroy Monstraf in it's anger.